Water of Life

  • $113,234
  • 42
  • $0

We are building water wells to provide clean and fresh water in African villages. Besides the well, our volunteer team will also build a system that captures rainwater for later use. All of us need ai, food and water to…

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Leadership Training

  • $45,477
  • 21
  • $250,000

Experienced missionaries and pastors that visits the remotes villages in Africa, are teaching men of God, that accepted their calling, to become pastors and to continue spreading the word of God. Faith and knowledge is a powerful weapon that can…

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Child Relief

  • $160,816
  • 23
  • $1,000,000

Children are the future of our nation, but sadly in Africa, many don’t reach adulthood. Many African children are starving to death or growing with disabilities due to bad nutrition. Our program provides a balanced meal to hundreds and thousands…

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Equipping The Poor

  • $62,686
  • 22
  • $300,000

Our program mission is to help families to establish a long term solution to these people needs through education, health care, nutrition and income generation. Through the Equipping the Poor program we donate bicycles for the residents to move around…

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Bible Distribution

  • $0
  • 0
  • $1,500

One of the main basic needs of a church is to have access to the Word of God in their native language. We are committed to provide 3700 Bibles and New Testaments to our partner churches in Mozambique and Tanzania,…

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