The majority of ViVis products and services are tailored to the lower social class of population, such as the unbanked and underbanked people. We believe on second chances and allowing honest hard-working people that are struggling and need a helping hand. We believe on giving back to society and social responsibility is a huge part of our values.

ViVi Foundation is a non-profit organization, with projects in poor communities in África, Ásia, Caribe, Eastern Europe, and America Latina including Brazil. We will collect on our website, donations from all of those who wish to help in this amazing work.


  • Water of Life
  • Let It Shine
  • Leadership Training
  • Equipping the Poor
  • Bible Distribution
  • Medical and Dental Assistance
  • Sustainability Projects
  • Humanitarian Projects

Our program mission is to help families to establish a long term solution to these people needs through education, health care, nutrition and income generation.


Project Water Of Life

When an African village receives the blessing of having a well, everything changes. To provide water is to give life.The most beautiful thing is to see the joy that comes when the first spring of water jets from the ground.

Project Leadership Training

The most powerful thing in the world is thinking. When we transmit knowledge and wisdom, we are sowing thoughts. Let us spread knowledge together.

Project Child Relief

To save children is to plant a blessed future for them and their families. Join us by investing in projects that will change the lives of hundreds of children in Africa and Asia.